Vo2 Sub Max Testing

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Vo2 TestingHave you ever wondered how effective your training is? By conducting regular tests your can accurately gauge the results your training is producing and make adjustments accordingly.

Vo2 testing reveals the exercise level that will optimize your ability to burn fat or to increase cardio strength. The higher you're Vo2 the faster and more efficient you will be doing your favorite aerobic activities.

Vo2 is the rate of oxygen uptake, or consumption, measured during exercise. The maximum rate of oxygen uptake is called the Vo2max or maximum Vo2. Vo2 max is the ultimate measure of fitness and is reported in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute or ml/Kg/min. To achieve a high Vo2 max, a person must have a fit heart and lungs and significant lean muscle mass that is well conditioned.

Since true Vo2 max measurements require exercising to the maximum level of exertion, they should only be done under medical supervision, or by persons who have been cleared to exercise extreme exertion by their physician. Peak Vo2, or the maximum level of oxygen uptake achieved during a sub-maximal test can also be used to predict the Vo2 max had the test been allowed to progress to the predicted maximum heart rate.

A Vo2 test will also show the anaerobic threshold. The anaerobic threshold is the level of exercise intensity beyond which the body can no longer provide adequate oxygen to the muscles. Exercise below the anaerobic threshold should be comfortable even though the exercise extends for long periods. Exercise above the anaerobic threshold will improve cardiovascular fitness, but will also cause discomfort, fatigue, and muscle soreness.

Knowing the unique anaerobic threshold can be used to design a workout plan that will improve fitness and maximize calories burned. Measurement of Vo2 max or Peak Vo2 will provide a true assessment of fitness level. The test will provide all of this data that is vital to proper fitness training. In addition, a Vo2 test will also measure how many calories are burned during a workout at every exercise heart rate level. This information, along with a heart rate monitor, or a heart rate equipped bike or treadmill, can be used to calculate the precise amount of calories burned during a workout.

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